Win a Year’s Worth of Free Domino’s Pizza for a Legendary Frontline Care Worker Hero

Do you know a Local Legend? We’re on a search for the country’s true heroes – Ireland’s amazing frontline care workers who go above and beyond to protect and care for our communities.

From emergency services to health professionals, we want to say thank you in the best way we know how. Did someone say ‘free pizza’?

Deserving Local Legends will be drawn from across Ireland and rewarded with a monthly pizza delivery to enjoy within their household every month for a year, creating a well-earned opportunity to enjoy some quality time over a cheesy hot slice or two. We won’t stop there either – we’ll also send free pizza to each Local Legend’s work colleagues to enjoy every month too – as we know being a Local Legend is very much a team effort!

We need your help to find the people who matter most. In 200 words or less, nominate a frontline care worker and tell us why they are a Local Legend in your province.

This promotion is now closed.